Like any other immigrant to a new country, I wanted to explore and realize my career dreams.

I wanted to work in mass communications and make an impact, like Oprah Winfrey. I'd be the Kenyan version.

So I went to university. I looked for work in my field (radio, film, television - good luck!). I volunteered when I couldn't find said paid work. I spoke with anyone willing to tell me their story. This was pre-social media accessibility. One dug for contacts using big fat telephone books and sheer cold call guts. Receptionists did their job as gate-keeper well - I was shut out. 

Where I could, I got a lot of great information and I felt pumped about my future.


I was new to a different culture, way of being, and the realities of fitting in. I had to find work quick to pay off my student loans. I also let the fact that I didn't know anyone get to me. I was also overwhelmed with all the information and to-do's that I froze in inaction. I dreamed a lot, but I didn't quite do.

The result? 

17 years to Fortune 500 corporations and the Canadian Federal government. And while I worked hard and brought in millions for my employers, my heartbeat was missing. 

And to cope with the large gnawing hole in my heart, I turned to numbing activities. Because of misalignment with my core values and actions, my body began to break down. I indulged in my passions - writing, producing, speaking - but they were all hobbies; "things I did for fun." 

One cold Fall evening in 2010 I sat resigned on the bus to go to yet another day of work. My car had broken down just a few minutes before and I hadn't cared. As I looked out the window at the dark morning skies, in the still, I received the insight that I'd given up on my dreams. And here's the life-changing part - that despite this, my giving up, God had not given up on me. 

Julia Katsivo

That revelation changed my life. In three short years, I created a plan to transition out of my comfortable but soul-sucking career. I went back to school to freshen up my skills. I spent every available minute absorbing information and working on my mindset. I let go of people and habits that didn't support my new trajectory. Aches and pains that plagued me my entire life disappeared. I was back in touch with myself and my life. 

But now I needed a career that was in alignment with my core values and what I wanted of my life. I knew that I wanted to help people. I was great at solving problems and helping others see complex information in new ways. I wanted to simplify life and processes so that others could succeed in their dreams. I was going to do what I had done for huge corporations - for the small business entrepreneur - the real dreamer. And to walk the talk, I created companies to support my mass communications inclinations.

As a result of the work I do, my clients have succeeded in honing in on their vision. They are both terrified and excited about the direction of their lives. I've helped my clients define their purpose, whom they are to serve, in what ways, and how to reach them. They've found themselves on media outlets, speaking on stages, conducting workshops and webinars. And while money is not the first core value, they've made money - lots of money. Enough to let them know that anything is possible. That dreams can come true. That they can make money working on their passions. 

Now while I offer a lot, I've narrowed my coaching scope to these two things: 

  1. I help you find your person
  2. I show you how to reach them

When you know who your perfect person is, you're in the best position to cater only to that person's needs. You build a reputation around this and you make it easy for people to connect the dots to you. 

Now, you may have questions about business coaching and whether it's the right move for you now.

To help you figure this out, I invite you to click the button below to learn more.