Is Online Business Coaching for you?

To learn how a business coach can help you start your business or even grow it with less time and money wastage, I've compiled some information for you to consider.

Very quickly, you're either in stage 1 or stage 2 of your business. You could also be in stage 3.

Stage 1 is where you're fired up by your great idea and you are excited and ready to go for it. Fun, easy, smooth, and life-affirming are your daily feelings. You enjoy going out to meet people and sharing business ideas and knowledge. Coffee meets are so much fun!

While this is a great place to be, it can also be a dangerous place to stay because you'll burn most of your money and time.

To learn how to make the best use of this euphoric time and make sure you start making money quickly, learn what to focus on and how to quickly identify paying markets for your business.

Stage 2 - "I'm going bankrupt!"

Life is hard. There is no money and clients are hard to come by. Doubt and self-pity are your companions. You wonder what you were thinking. You need to make money and you need to make money NOW! or you're out of business tomorrow.

Learn what to focus on during this time so that you can quickly get out of survival and into thrive.

Stage 3 is that wonderful spot where your income is derived from what you do. You make a good predictable living. Problem is, you can't entirely walk away without the business (and your income) suffering. You trade your hours for pay.

Delegation and processes should be your focus. This allows you to enjoy more time and freedom. Let the business work for you.

Julia Katsivo coaching gets you from stage 1, 2, and 3 of your business to stage 5 --> a self-sufficient business that consistently brings in money and allows you the freedom to live as you please. For more information on our Programs, click this link.