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About Julia Katsivo:

Julia Katsivo is an awarding winning social entrepreneur with 21 years of experience in marketing, sales, collections, process development and execution. She helps new coaches (and other entrepreneurs) refine their niche and tighten up their marketing. Julia believes that understanding one's target market well is the key to marketing strategies that work leading to more sales and money.

Some of Julia's Speaking Engagements Include:
  • (BPW) Business and Professional Women Ontario
  • Happen Canada, The Professional Career Networking
  • Toronto's Summer Networking Bash
  • Toastmasters International District Conference
  • #TP3X, Toronto's conference for new entrepreneurs - Founder
  • (POC) Professional Organizers in Canada
  • City of London
  • City of Brampton
  • City of Toronto

Julia's Speaking Engagements Include

Learn the Science of Undeniable Client Attraction

You're excited about the products or services you sell and the results your clients will experience. But even though you're out there doing all the marketing activities to get noticed - no one buys.

The problem is that your likely talking to "everyone" and so no one is listening.

Julia shows you exactly how to talk to your ideal client so that they listen and buy from you.

You'll discover:
  • How to understand what your clients' needs are and to market to them.
  • Where to find your ideal client including at least ten potential clients available to you right now
  • How to avoid the desperate scramble for clients during dry financial seasons
Why your Marketing isn't working (and how you can get awesome results)

Are you tired of spending time and money reaching out to people with no results? If you're new to business and even if you're well established, this can be frustrating and frightening. May people struggle with this huge problem but they don't realize that reaching out to everyone is the number 1 reason they have no clients. Choosing a niche is not just the smartest thing you could do ... it's vital to your survival.

Julia shows you how to stand out and make more money attracting clients.

You'll discover:
  • The freedom and ease of getting clients that comes from specializing in specific types of clients
  • How to immediately attract clients and make connections within 24 hours
  • How to create compelling marketing plans that attract ideal clients
Know thy Customer: Identify your Ideal Clients and how to attract them

If you're marketing and not receiving any hits, it's likely that you're talking to your target market about the right thing at the wrong time. Knowing what your customer needs and when is crucial to marketing and sales success.

Julia shows you exactly how to approach your customer with the right kind of information so that you increase your sales and customer delight.

You'll discover:
  • How to meet your customers at their level
  • What marketing strategies and techniques work for your customers
  • How to build rapport and trust for easy and enjoyable sales