Mark Bhuj (LION), CSP

Julia Katsivo is an amazing professional speaker and has a real passion to help others achieve their full potential. I have personally seen the value her coaching programs have made in the lives of her students.

Mark Bhuj (LION), CSP - Aug 21, 2016
Talent Acquisition
Peoplesource Staffing Solutions

Thank you, Julia, for providing our professional group with a highly interactive session that was right on point. We appreciated that you researched our industry needs and pain points prior to the session to make the evening relevant and so valuable to our group of entrepreneurs.

Pauline Duhart - Jan 13, 2018
Ease Up The Organizing Experts
Pauline Duhart
Karen Hogg

This woman is a powerhouse! By that, I mean she commands your attention with her super positive energy and makes you feel completely comfortable in every situation. She is real, ready to share her stories, and most of all inspire an audience and coach groups of people to go further than they ever thought possible. I have seen Julia speak several times in the GTA, as well as facilitate Toastmasters meetings and special events. Julia is a rising star, if you get a chance to hear her or hire her, then do it soon, she is fast becoming sought after on a grand scale as a natural result to the commitment and passion for what she does and how she inspires large groups of people.

Karen Hogg - Aug 21, 2016
I assist nonprofits & small business grow through Social & Economic ROI (Return on Investment)
Blatant Branding


Himanshu Sharma

Julia created a lot of clarity in my business offering. I was so surprised to notice that my business offer was so general in description before the workshop. Julia worked throughout the workshop one-to-one to bring clarity into my offering. Also I learned the way I perceived Money in my life and my expectations of Money from business. All in all, it was highly valuable for me and my business. Highly recommended.

Himanshu Sharma - Aug 30, 2016
Certified Life Coach
Arthritis Wellness Coach

Julia Katsivo is a great person to know if you have your own business. We first met her where she presented about Finding your Ideal Clients. Her ideas stuck with us because they are useful and memorable. We admire the way she targets and expands the positives and gives permission with proof of why and how to let go of the negatives.

We love the way she integrates the new digital world and the traditional tried and tested methods of sales and marketing. What she did to intrigue us about her services is exactly what we would like to do more of with our potential clients. Her evening workshop gave us the vision to see what we could focus on because when you have your own business it can be difficult to step back and analyse.

To top it off she is very friendly and knowledgable about her craft. Her one-day seminar filled us with hopes and ideas and a plan to be able to reach our goals with ethical, creative and successful business practices. We value Julia's assistance greatly and recommend her to anyone who has a small business."

Toby MacPhee and Anne Donald
The Art of Order Inc.- Refreshing Spaces

The Art of Order Inc - Nov 02, 2018
The Art of Order Inc
The Art of Order Inc
Rina Rovinelli

I recently attended Julia Katsivo's Master Clarity & Confidence workshop which was essentially focused on Sales and Marketing and elevating your business by understanding your vision and who your target market is.  Julia is so calming and in control. Within 30 minutes I had an epiphany that completely changed the vision for my business.  I came in with one tunnel vision view for my business and very quickly that was diverted to my true desires and goals for my future.

This past week I've noticed how I've shifted my marketing.  I am now far more clear with my intentions and messaging.  In fact, Julia helped me see how I needed to focus on my own personal brand.  This is something you lose sometimes when you are in a partnership:)  I feel more empowered as a result.  I also have a new understanding about Sales.  Before I felt like I was failing.  Understanding the metrics required to actually close business has helped me have more realistic expectations while also forcing me to widen my reach and impact.  All such amazingly useful information.

Whether you are starting out in business or you are stuck somewhere along the journey, Julia's program can absolutely show the way.  Highly recommended :)

Rina Rovinelli - Oct 26, 2018
Co-Founder, SpeakerSlam
Speaker Slam