Yoshi Perera

Julia Katsivo is a motivational powerhouse. As a collaborator, Julia and I spearheaded the Personal & Professional Pursuit of Excellence 2015 Symposium. As we continue to work on our 2016 event, I appreciate the value she brings to industry informed practices and event coordination. As a seasoned presenter she provides targeted audience specific content. I would recommend Julia as a presenter for events requiring subject matter on career management, motivational speaking and leadership. As an event coordinator, she's a valuable asset in branding, marketing and project implementation. I wish her the best of luck in her future ventures.

Yoshi Perera - Aug 21, 2016
Community Health Educator | Project Coordinator | Public Relations Lead
WellFort CHS

Julia Katsivo is an amazing professional speaker and has a real passion to help others achieve their full potential. I have personally seen the value her coaching programs have made in the lives of her students.

Mark Bhuj (LION), CSP - Aug 21, 2016
Talent Acquisition
Peoplesource Staffing Solutions
Mark Bhuj (LION), CSP
Ven Virah

I was fortunate to hear Julia speak at a recent event organized by the Public Speakers Association. Julia has incredible story telling abilities which she used very effectively in her most recent talk. She took me on a roller coaster journey of emotions and inspiration with a strong call to action where I was able to apply a simple, yet positive change, in my own life. I highly recommend Julia as a Professional Speaker.

Ven Virah - Aug 21, 2016
Operations Manager
GE Canada and GE Oil & Gas US


Brian Almeida

Where do I start with Julia? I was fortunate enough to be introduced to her back in November 2017. I spent the entire day at her Bold Action Conference in Mississauga. To say the least, this one day was completely life-changing for me as an entrepreneur, and even on a personal level. The network of people that Julia surrounds herself with all share the same attitude she does, which is one of service, helping others. If you're an entrepreneur and you're not speaking with Julia yet or following her content, I urge you to do so. Believe me when I tell you that she can and will help you succeed. I'm glad to call her a friend and will support her in any and all of her future endeavors.

Brian Almeida - Jan 07, 2018
Find N Fix It

Julia Katsivo is a great person to know if you have your own business. We first met her where she presented about Finding your Ideal Clients. Her ideas stuck with us because they are useful and memorable. We admire the way she targets and expands the positives and gives permission with proof of why and how to let go of the negatives.

We love the way she integrates the new digital world and the traditional tried and tested methods of sales and marketing. What she did to intrigue us about her services is exactly what we would like to do more of with our potential clients. Her evening workshop gave us the vision to see what we could focus on because when you have your own business it can be difficult to step back and analyse.

To top it off she is very friendly and knowledgable about her craft. Her one-day seminar filled us with hopes and ideas and a plan to be able to reach our goals with ethical, creative and successful business practices. We value Julia's assistance greatly and recommend her to anyone who has a small business."

Toby MacPhee and Anne Donald
The Art of Order Inc.- Refreshing Spaces

The Art of Order Inc - Nov 02, 2018
The Art of Order Inc
The Art of Order Inc
Dr Celeste London, N.M.D

I found Julia Katsivo very resourceful and knowledgeable about how to find your target market for business owners. I also found that this coaching opened up parts of me that I need to pay serious attention to in order to live a happy and productive life.

Dr Celeste London, N.M.D - Aug 21, 2016
Founder/CEO Diabetes 2 Nutrition
Natural Food Healing Expert | Metabolic Balance Coach